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Adult Soccer League ... Come join the fun!

2018 Spring/Summer Schedule
All games will be played at the 63 Sports Plex
Team Rosters

Tournament Night
6:00 Just 4 Kicks vs. Ballaholics
6:00 Voltage vs. Van Buren Boys
6:30 Van Buren Boys vs. Ballaholics
6:30 JC Diversity vs. Voltage
7:00 Just 4 Kicks vs. Voltage
7:00 JC Diversity vs. Van Buren Boys
7:30 Ballaholics vs. JC Diversity
7:30 Just 4 Kicks vs. Van Buren Boys
8:00 Voltage vs. Ballaholics
8:00 Just 4 Kicks vs. JC Diversity

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